Health Benefits Of Garlic Have Been Upheld Since Age Old Times

The physicians and the researchers since the ancient times have highlighted the medicinal properties of garlic. The much-renowned physician Hippocrates had also banked on the health benefits of garlic, and prescribed the same for treating a diverse array of physiological anomalies. Even in the current scheme of things, the medical practitioners, physicians and the scientists have lauded and upheld the healthfulness of the plant that belongs to the Allium family. The health enriching impact of garlic is traceable in the allicin. The compound allicin enters your body, and makes its way to the track of digestion to render powerful effects. Besides containing the health enhancing compound of Allicin, the garlic pods have a reasonable share of Manganese, Vitamin C and B16. The plant also includes six percent of Selenium, twenty-three percent of Manganese and one gram of fiber. It is a rich source of nutrition, and neither does it run short of iron, copper, phosphorus and potassium. garlicpeel
A vital source of nutrition

You can consider garlic as a wholesome diet that has a good share of nutrition. The calorie content is low but the nutritional factor is high. On account of this particular factor, the doctors recommend the consumption of garlic, or garlic-based supplements, on a regular basis. The highly nutritious plant has the power and potential of boosting your immunity system. Consequently, you can safeguard yourself from the common colds and coughs. There are proven evidences to support the fact that the consumption of garlic helps reduce and cough, by sixty-three percent.

Some other benefits

The immensely nutritious vegetable makes use of its active compounds to control the potentially fatal cardiovascular diseases such as strokes, myocardial infarction and heart attacks.  The garlic supplements are useful for reducing cholesterol, triglyceride and hypertension. Hence, the physicians are often found recommending the intake of the garlic-based supplements, on a regular basis. Garlic is a rich source of antioxidants. The healthful benefits of antioxidants are not unknown. From helping diminish the risk of cardiac diseases to serving as a source of prevention from dementia; you can count on the innumerable health benefits of garlic.


Process To Peel Garlic Quickly

Garlic peeling it can take until the endGarlic Peeler of time. It’s such an all around hated undertaking, to the point that there are huge amounts of strategies out there to do it faster and less demanding. Garlic skins can be harsh on hands, and they are too little for a conventional peeler. Here are some directions about how to peel garlic quickly. Garlic is for all intents and purposes as profitable just like a sharp knife in the kitchen. The fixing is a piece of the vegetables like onion and you might be unable to locate an appetizing and delightful dish, which doesn’t run along. Garlic can also be utilized as a part of pastas, dips, sauces, seafood and chicken dishes – and so on! Since garlic is such a delightful and extremely solid fixing, you most likely need to utilize it in numerous suppers you concoct. Be that as it may, peeling it can be dull (and take up profitable cooking time) in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the right tricks.

One of the most straightforward approaches to peel garlic is by shaking it out of the shell. This should be possible with the assistance of two bowls. Place the garlic into one bowl and cover it with the other bowl. Shake the two bowls enthusiastically to oust the garlic from its paper-y skin. If it’s an extremely uproarious procedure, you’re doing it right! You can likewise microwave the garlic for 20 seconds to uproot its skin. This ought to make it less demanding to evacuate. If the microwave technique isn’t suitable for you attempt dry-broiling the garlic in a skillet. This ought to burn the skin of the garlic, making the peels slip off all the more effortlessly. Of the considerable number of strategies, this is by a long shot the most aromatic! You can likewise smash the garlic with a knife. Place the garlic underneath your knife and solidly press on it with your palms. Cheffy sorts just smash the cloves with the side of a knife, and to make certain that is successful, yet pulverizing the cloves additionally discharges their juices, which are sticky and stinky.

Easy Garlic Peeling Can Save Your Time And Money

Do you feel depressed at the thought of peeling the garlic cloves, while cooking food? Yes, the thought is actually quite depressing, and can give lots of stress to people. In fact, people used to spend lots of time and efforts on peeling off the skin, and sometimes, ended up hurting their fingernails too. But, now, there are some easier options available, which speeds up the process, in the most effortless manner. Yes, with easy garlic peeling options, you would be able to use your favourite garlic in almost all the dishes.7

People these days, lead hectic lives, and do not have the time to peel the cloves. So, they either end up purchasing the peeled garlic cloves, which are quite expensive, as compared to the full garlics, or buy a paste. But, both these options do not guarantee the freshness, and cannot give the necessary nutrition. So, it is best to go for the easy garlic peeling method.

Advantages of garlic peeler:

There are many advantages of using the garlic peeling equipment. The best advantage of using this peeler is that it is quite fast and safe. They are also reasonably priced, and are quite reliable and durable. The taste of your dishes will be enhanced when you get the freshly peeled garlic cloves.

How to use the garlic peeling equipment?

To use the peeler, you will need to put the cloves inside it, and shake it up. Yes, with just a gentle shake, you would be able to remove the skin.

Now, you would be able to enjoy all your garlic recipes, without compromising on your health. And, you will not be spending a lot of time too. Your food will taste amazing and will be healthy. And, you would be able to guarantee great health for your family.

So, what are you waiting for? You definitely don’t want to spend the whole time peeling off the garlic skin, right? Just get hold of the garlic peeling machine, and add it to your kitchen set. And, you would be able to use it whenever you want, to prepare tasty dishes.

Garlic- the World’s Healthiest Herb with Super Magical Benefits

It is very well known that garlic is a super herb with a lot of health benefits. It is just a phenomenal and magnificent herb that has been proved its benefits in several researches. It belongs to the onion family. In ancGarlic- the World’s Healthiest Herb with Super Magical Benefits ient time, the garlic was used for medicinal purposes. But as the time passed, garlic has been known all over the world as the best flavor for several cuisines. In this article, we are writing about some of the most amazing benefits of garlic.

• Beautiful Hair With Garlic:
Garlic can be the best solution for your hair problems. Garlic is rich in allicin and sulphur. These compounds are also present in the onion. These compounds are highly effective in treating the hair loss problems. Just rub the garlic cloves on your scalp. You can squeeze these cloves to get the most benefits. You can also combine the garlic cloves in the oil and massage the scalp. This method will prevent the dandruff and other hair infections.

• Clear Acne With Garlic:
If you are suffering from acne problem, garlic can be the best home remedy to treat this problem. It plays a great role in banishing the unsightly blemishes. The antioxidants present in the garlic kill the acne bacteria effectively. Just rub the sliced garlic clove on the affected area; you will see the positive result soon.

• Treat Cold With Garlic:
The regular consumption of garlic can boost your immune system. It is full of antioxidants that effectively boosts your immune system and makes your body enough capable to fight against several diseases. Cold is one of them. If you are suffering from the common cold, just drink the garlic tea for a few times. Just boil the minced or peeled garlic in water for a few minutes. You can add honey and ginger to make the taste better. The best way to peel garlic is to microwave it for a few seconds. You can also dry roast the garlic in a skillet.

• Treat Nail Fungus With Garlic:
Garlic has several antifungal properties. Therefore, it is a great home remedy to treat the fungal nail infection effectively. Just soak your feet in warm water that include minced garlic cloves.

• Control Weight With Garlic:
Several researches have proved that eating a garlic rich diet can control your weight. You can consume garlic on a daily basis by adding it in your dishes. It will also enhance the taste of your dishes.

Enjoy the Health Benefits and Flavor of Garlic

Garlic is a super herb that is widely known for its exceptional properties. It has very good flavoring and medicinal properties. It has been widely used as a medicine to prevent several diseases. The fresh cloves odesignf garlic and the supplements that contain garlic are used as medicines. Garlic is used to treat heart diseases and other body disorders. Many health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack and hardening of arteries. It has been proved in several researches that garlic is a magnificent herb that can treat various diseases eventually. It is very helpful in reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Some people also eat garlic to prevent different types of cancers. Garlic is a very good supplement to make the immune system strong. Consuming garlic in your daily balanced diet will make your immune system enough capable to fight with several disorders. It is also used in normal cold and flu. It is a good herb to treat the headache, sinus, stomach ache, asthma, shortens of breath and much more. Garlic is just a phenomenal herb to treat some mental issues like stress and hypertension. Eating garlic on a regular basis will give you a benefit of healthy liver function.

Garlic has many beauty benefits also. It is very effective in treating acne and pimples. Just apply some juice of garlic on the affected area. You will be getting rid of acne problem soon. Some people use garlic to remove the fungus infection also. It is also effective in eliminating dandruff and other infections from your scalp. Garlic is rich in allicin and sulfur that make it an exceptional herb to treat the several body disorders.

The pungent taste of garlic makes the cuisines special. It is widely used by professional chefs in various dishes. No kitchen is complete without the magical taste of garlic. You can consume fresh garlic in your dishes, or you can also store garlic as garlic juice or garlic powder.

However, a question always arises about this super herb that how to easily peel garlic without wasting much cooking time. So, there are some smart techniques that you can use to peel garlic quickly. You can dry roast the garlic in microwave for a few seconds. This will remove the garlic skin easily and you will get the inner cloves. Another way to peel garlic quickly is to use a tool known as garlic shaker. This is a smart way to peel garlic in a few seconds.

How to reap full benefit of peeled garlic cloves ?

How to reap full benefit of peeled garlic cloves ?Garlic is the best ingredient that is commonly used at add the pinch flavor to dishes. It is often cooked, baked, roasted, glazed and even eaten raw. It comes with very natural benefits. The best is to use peeled garlic cloves as it is in vegetables and gain it’s complete benefits.

It has been used for making culinary dishes and many medicines from last couple of years. It is complete nutritive pack of compounds like sulphur, allicin, zinc, calcium and much more. The main mineral selenium is obtained from raw garlic.

Well, garlic is commonly used to add flavor to food. It’s strong pungent odor is because of the
high organosulfur compound. Even many scientist suggested that using peeled garlic cloves in food can prevent food poisoning. Fresh garlic is best known to kill bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella enteritidis.
But the question arises how can we have complete benefit of it? It’s quite simple and interesting. When you use freshly crushed garlic at once you can get full health and nutritive benefits of garlic. As crushed garlic slices releases an enzyme, alliinase, causing the formation of a colorless liquid, allicin. This is health beneficial organosulfur compound. As much nice the garlic is chopped and crushed it will increase the allicin production. In this way we get most beneficial organo sulphur compound

It’s often noticed that the raw peeled garlic cloves are cooked before eaten. It is indicated that when garlic is cooked, the heat inactivates alliinase. By this all health benefits of garlic vanishes away. Even if we use microwave then it can destroy all allicin and it became of no health use. There was journal published in 2001 named “The Journal of Nutrition” indicates that 60 seconds of microwave heat and 45 minutes of oven heat both can destroy or vanishes garlic’s anti-carcinogenic activity. But there is alternate option for the same, just crush the garlic and let it stand for 10 minutes before 60 second of microwave heat. By doing this you can keep some anti-carcinogenic activity. As crushing garlic allow time for alliinase to work before heat inactivates it.

Add on to this peeled garlic cloves are used for different ailments such as headache, cold, cough, stress, stomach ache, bronchitis, congestion, rheumatism, stress, fatigue and more. Even its paste is best used to get rid from fungal infections. But cutting the garlic is such an irritation task, as it get stick to hand. But with garlic shaker you can do this work in just few seconds. If any doubt or want to know more about the same then visit

Beat the Cold & Flu with the Magic of Garlic

Beat the Cold & Flu with the Magic of Garlic

If you want to increase the fighting power of your food against the several diseases, yoBeat the Cold & Flu with the Magic of Garlic

Garlic is a health boosting herb that you can consume every day in your meal. Several studies show that the consumption of garlic can be:

• It reduces the risk of heart diseases, e.g., heart attack & heart stroke.
• It also maintains the blood pressure and the cholesterol level in your  body.
• It protects you from brain, lungs and prostate cancer.
• It also reduces the risk of Osteoarthritis.

It is assumed that the much of the therapeutic properties of garlic comes from its compounds that contain sulfur in a large amount, e.g. Allicin, it also gives a pungent smell to garlic. Studies have shown that the allicin digests in your body easily and produces a compound named as selfenic acid that fight against the free radicals in the body more faster than any other compound.

The fresh cloves of the garlic should always be chopped or crush in a manner to stimulate the release of an enzyme called as allinase. Therefore, if you want to consume raw garlic, then quickly peel garlic cloves and consume them before they lost their therapeutic properties. It must be fresh to give you potential health benefits. Because the active compound Allicin usually lost after 1 hour, therefore the garlic pills are not so good to use.

Garlic has mainly three properties, i.e. Antifungal, Antibacterial, and Antiviral. A single medium size or two cloves are sufficient to use. It is very useful in the preparation for escaping from cold and flu, as its active compounds kill several bacteria that cause various diseases.

Garlic is also useful in boosting your immune system and enhancing the disease fighting capabilities of your body. It is just an incredible & phenomenal herb that everyone can take advantage of, because it is very reasonable in price. By knowing all these health benefits of garlic, you can’t stay away from it.