Few Facts about Garlic

Garlic is one of the same family because the onion. Both these herbs happen to be given special magnitude in Ayurveda because of the immense curative qualities. The first noted incidence of garlic being a medicinal herb schedules as back because 4500 B. D. when the pyramid contractors in Egypt were built to eat garlic cloves everyday for building his or her health. It has also been recommended simply by Hippocrates, who is undoubtedly the Father of Medicine.

Garlic is often a biennial herb, nevertheless it is generally cultivated as an annual herb pertaining to convenience. Morphologically, this is a short herb with fibrous roots, the condensed stem and flattened leaves. The separate cloves in the garlic are enclosed together to make a single light bulb. There could be about six and thirty-five cloves in a bulb of peeled garlic cloves.


If you want to ignore the smell caused by garlic while peeling it then you should go for garlic peeling machine which helps you to peel garlic without this unpleasant smell. This modern way enables modern cooks to use this herb in their kitchen.

It is called as lahsuna within the Indian language and its particular binomial name is actually Allium sativum. Its full of all the vitamins necessary within the human diet, like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin (B complex vitamins) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Garlic contains minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron. It additionally contains iodine, sulfur and chlorine in search for amounts. Besides most of these, garlic contains allicin, allisatin We and allisatin II, these all have been identified being agents helpful in reducing high blood demand.


Garlic is famous for the subsequent curative properties: –

•    Garlic contains antiseptic qualities. Hence it is employed in preventing transmissions.
•    Garlic is hypotensive, i. e. it has capacity to create down blood demand.
•    Garlic is the stimulant for desire for food.
•    Due to their rich vitamin and mineral content, garlic is very good for this hair.
•    Garlic raises the inner body strength and vitality.
•    Garlic can lower cholesterol accumulated within the arteries. That explains their widespread use in the treatment of heart problems.
•    The strong juices in the garlic dissolve this mucus content within the respiratory tract.
•    Garlic increases perspiration, which helps in the removal of the toxins from the sweat pores.
•    Garlic is actually anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic with nature.
•    Garlic possesses notable aphrodisiacal qualities. It is used in the treatment of many sexual problems.


Garlic is almost worshipped in Ayurvedic medicine since this is a single treatment for numerous diseases. The following are classified as the diseases in which in turn garlic proves being very beneficial.

(i)    Acne
Garlic is used in the treatment of acne. If the pimples are rubbed with a cut clove of garlic several times a day, then they will disappear without having leaving a scar behind. Garlic must also be in the diet since this is a blood-purifier and can certainly treat acne coming from within.

(ii)    Asthma
Garlic is often a sure remedy pertaining to asthma patients. Every night before retiring in order to bed, asthmatic patients ought to drink a glassful of milk in which three cloves of garlic happen to be boiled. Another remedy is very popular in making asthmatic attacks a lesser amount of severe. It will be as follows: Peel the clove of garlic cloves, crush it and boil it with 120 milliliters of pure malt vinegar. Cool it, then strain the item and add an equal quantity of honey within it. Preserve this syrup inside a clean bottle. Take 1 or 2 teaspoons of this syrup with a decoction of fenugreek twice daily, after darkness units in.


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