Follow the Popular Methods for How to Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

If you are fighting against the bad Garlic breath and wants to know how to get rid of garlic breath, then there is a need to follow some scientific methods which will surely removes the bad Garlic breath. As we all know, that the Garlic is considered as the tasty herb that can increase the taste of the dish due to the presence of the effective elements in it. The best methods to get away from the garlic breath are to remove the garlic particles and various compounds in the mouth. There are some of the popular approaches that one should follow to get rid of garlic breath. Here are the options:


• Mustard: The Mustard is considered as the vital element in removing the Garlic breathes. One teaspoon of mustard in the mouth will help in eliminating the smell from the mouth.

• Minty Food: Add a large amount of Minty food in your diet which will give freshness to the mouth. The Minty Food such as Mints, parsley and many others can eradicate all the foul smell and freshen the mouth.

• Vegetables: Eat a plenty of vegetables such as lemon, potatoes, mushrooms can help in improving the breath. If you are having a meal with large amount of garlic, then you need to consume the vegetables to get rid of Garlic Breath.

• Slice of bread: Add a slice of bread after the meal. The approach will be quite beneficial in eliminating the bad odor of the garlic.

• Chew Gum: Chew Gum is considered as the important component that adds more sativa to the mouth, which in turn removes the bad breath.

• Fluids: The fluids such as tea, water and many others will help in eradicating the worst smell from the mouth.

• WaterPik: With the help of the WaterPik, the garlic compounds can be removed in the mouth.

• Lemon: Lemon consists of anti- bacterial components that helps in maintaining the smell of the garlic and also kills the bacteria. After having garlic, always try to such the lemon wedge. Wash your hands with lemon juice for removing the smell from the hands.

• Vodka: Some believe that the foul smell in the mouth can be killed by the Alcohol. Vodka is considered as good as it does not contain any lingering aftertaste.

• Brush your teeth: Adopt a hygienic method such as brushing the teeth after consuming the Garlic.

• Mouthwash: Swish the effective Mouthwash around the mouth for some minutes. The strategy will be helpful in pushing the bad smell of the garlic from the mouth.

• Tongue Cleaner: Make use of the tongue cleaner that will remove the small particles from the mouth. Try to clean the tongue with tongue cleaner after every food.


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