How to Peel Garlic With Modern Days Equipments

I encounter lots of chefs that don’t realize how to peel garlic and wind up doing it your long, hard technique. Other chefs utilize packaged peeled garlic cloves. Personally, I would prefer to buy my garlic fresh for the Farmer’s Market in addition to peel them personally.

I think it’s cheaper and sustainable this way – the garlic cloves comes direct through the farmer without virtually any plastic packaging, and has less carbon footprint because the garlic wasn’t refined by machines after which it shipped to grocery stores. In this publish; I’ll share my easy and quick technique for peeling garlic

If you want to try a new more convenient and easiest way peel garlic cloves then you should try a modern compact garlic shaker peeler which can be easily found on the internet and there cost is also very efficient and the best thing is that these equipments are 100 percent safe and secure.

First, pick your cloves through the bulb, and lay your flat side down – alongside it that was closest to the “heart” of your garlic – in your cutting board with all the curved side upward. Then, take your chef’s knife and with one hand positioning the knife handle, lay either flat side of the knife along with the garlic clove. The garlic need to be closer to your knife handle than the middle of the blade.

With all your free hand, slap the heel of the hand down and smash alongside it of the blade against the garlic clove. Viol! The outer skin color is magically detached through the clove, and you now have a properly peeled clove all set for chopping or placing in the rolling garlic chopper.

On the first try, most people tend not to hit the edge hard enough and wind up hitting it a couple of times. With plenty of practice, you’ll get your hang of figuring out how much force you would like so you only have to smash the chef’s knife blade once. Right away, you’ll be a practiced pro, pounding away with garlic and rapidly getting enough peeled cloves to cook Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic oil without breaking inside a sweat. Oh, also remember to sweep your skins into your own compost bin!


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