Best Tips for growing garlic indoors

The project will become more ideal when you are interested in growing garlic indoors. The time of planting the Garlic is very essential in yielding the best crops. November and April are considered best months for availing the best and the better crops. The plantation of Garlic Indoors prevents the plants from various insects and disease. You can also select the pots for growing the Garlic that requires the following steps such as:

• For planting more than one garlic bulb, select the pot that is big and consist of the holes for the purpose of drainage. Wear gardening gloves for performing the plantation activity.
• The potting soil in the ratio of 3 to 1 should be mixed with the gardening sand.
• The container needs to be filled with soil and the top part should be left with little space of 2.54cm.
• The conventional garlic bulbs are taken and holding them with the help of flat end. Then the bulb of 4 to 6 inches needs to be pushed up into the soil and make the plantation of the garlic bulb with a distance of 10cm away from each other.
• It will be better to make the placement of the pot in a kitchen window sill, so that it will be able to get the maximum sunlight.
• The sink and the bathtub will be the best place, where you can place the garlic container. This strategy will allow the drainage of water.


• Water regularly for keeping the soil moist, but not make the soil too wet. Watering needs to be done, keeping in mind the sun lightening and the warmth of your home. After this, you can watch the activities of the garlic as it begins to sprout green leaves.
• At the time of sprouting, you can clip off the flowers so that the energy will become more useful in the production of big bulbs.
• In case, the leaves are turned into brown color and dies, perform the harvesting activity 8 to 10 months later.
• The harvested garlic needs to be hanged in a cool and dry place. The dryness of the garlic needs to be done for a week.
• The dried garlic is ready and now, you can add it any recipes for making the food healthier and tasty.

For growing garlic indoors, there is a need of some elements such as proper sunlight, light and well drained soil and many others. If the area is very cold or there is the availability of the heavy soil, then do the plantation of the cloves into the module trays in the season of winters. The Ingredient Garlic is free from any troubles, so you can plant Garlic very effectively and in a well predetermined manner.


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